Monday, January 22, 2007


server still down

Since my computer died back in mid december, Beth C. volunteered to host the website

on her servers. Unfortunetely, it's not working for her either. More news and updates will be posted here in the meantime.



Blue white date set

It's been officially announced as April 21, 2007.

confirm your lodging plans ASAP as hotels are already filling up.


2007 tailgates

Thanks to all of you who voted.
The tailgates are

9-8-2007 Notre Dame;
10-13-2007 Wisconsin (HC); and,
11-10-2007 Temple (Away).

As happens every January, hotel reservations need to be made for the regular season. Chris and I will be making reservations at IMI and Sleep Inn respectively.Due to problems in 2006 and the fact that I'm married (and thus own nothing ;-) ), I will only be making reservations for eople who pay me in full ($85/weekend) before Jan 19th.

Please contact Chris ( or me ( if you want a spot with us. Generally, all hotels in the area will be completely booked by the end of this month and then you'll be SOL.

More info
Reservations for Blue/White Weekend will be made after the date is officially announced.

For the Glory,

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