Thursday, May 25, 2006


Just a reminder

The joint Diesel Tailgates this upcoming season are:

Sept 30th, 2006 Northwestern (Oktoberfest tailgate)

Oct 21st, 2006 Illinois (Homecoming)

be sure to mark your calendars and plan to be there!

As an aside - the home game preceding homecoming (Oct 14th) is against Michigan - Kick off is scheduled for 8pm. It promises to be a kick arse time. Madeline and Suzanne will be there tailgating all the live long day (parking lots should open at 8am) - if you're going to be in for the game (or just the mayhem) be sure to stop by the 2theLion tailgate. We'll be posting more information as the season nears - check (and for updates.


BW 2006 recap

Per tailgating coordinator:

Soaked to the bone.

If April showers bring May flowers, the flower gardens are going to look great. Much rain dampened, but did not quench the spirit of this tailgate. If you were out for this one, you are a trooper.

The convoy arrived at the parking lot at 0800 hrs amidst a steady rain at would turn the fields into a bog. Many folks were waiting for the opening of the grass lots, but being on pavement kept everything and everyone from getting muddy.

The early morning routine took a bit longer than normal, due to new flagpoles all around. With our tip money from last time [link], we built a car mounted flag pole for Madeline and Suzanne and a new flagpole for Matt M. The canopies were very important today.

The morning's breakfast was cooked by the Carter Clan. Team Amazing tailgaters brought out many treats, including a new one called Stuffin' muffins. They were stove top stuffing shells with scrambled eggs inside and topped with various breakfast meats and cheese. They were delicious.

For the specialty drink, Mad and Suz mixed up a batch of "Orangebowlina" in celebration of our Orange Bowl victory. We also had plenty of coffee drinks to wake up and warm up cold and wet tailgaters.

Our propane fireplace was lit helped to dry out wet tailgaters. The Blue Band stopped by to play a few tunes for us. They also warmed up their hands on the fireplace. Mid-morning, were visited by the Cops. They heard that we had an open fire. We quickly dismissed them by pointing out the attached propane tank.

Rain gutters fashioned out of plastic bags and sides were added to the canopies since the rain wasn't letting up. The gutters allowed tailgaters to walk between the canopies without getting wet from the rain dripping between each canopy.

Suzanne P and Vaughn started a high kick contest. I'm not sure how this came about, but it ended with each doing splits on the pavements. The photo of Vaughn is an instant classic.

Lunchtime was our usual frenzy of gourmet tailgating food. Matt turned on the fryer and made turkey, pickles, wings and jalapeno poppers. Chris F grilled up sausage and peppers. Josh made his favorite beer bratwurst and onions. The Marburgers brought homemade Italian sandwiches and Victory Ale from Philly. Shelley brought pepperoni bread. Madeline and Suzanne had more goodies and also brought out blue jello shots.

The rain continued for game time. JoePa said of the fans, I am constantly amazed that people would come to watch a scrimmage in this kind of weather.

After the game, many of us headed up to check out the carnival rides. This is the second year the carnival has been our next door neighbor. The bumper cars were a lot of fun.

I also visited Smitty's tailgate. He was our tailgating neighbor with the RV during DDT4. He had kept an eye on us during the off season and was impressed with our setup.

In the evening, the rain finally let up. We turned on the lights for about an hour and got to test out the new propane light for the kitchen. Duck cooked the beer can chickens and I made bacon cheddar burgers.

The party continued until midnight when everything was packed up. Despite the crappy weather, many people made it out. Caitlyn, a first time tailgater, was out until the end. It goes to show that everyone knows we will have a good time in any weather. Next time, we're bringing a rain gauge.

Still drying out,

People = 50
Hours = 16
Flagpoles = 3
Cases = 25
Tips = $15

Blue 17
White 0

Temperature: 53 Wind: s 5-12 Weather: rain, rain, rain

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